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Meet FOMO Mama

Just a Regular Mom that experienced some FOMO (fear of missing out).

Hey Ladies!  I’m a Mama to 4 beautiful babies who have inspired the idea of FOMO Mama. Here we will call them Little Blue, Little Miss Periwinkle, Little Miss Mint, and Little Silver. Before becoming a mom, your girl was a hustler. I balanced 3 jobs while earning my degree at St. Mary’s College of California. While in college I reunited with my childhood baseball teammate and fell in love! Shortly after graduation, my love started his career that provides us a great life together. The joke is we celebrated a little too much and soon after found out we were expecting Little Blue. Falling in love with being a mama, 20 months later we were blessed with our Little Miss Periwinkle. In this time period I was still trying to hold onto the little bit of hope of being a working mama. The thought of not having an income of my own startled me. I was so desperate I would commute 45 minutes to work with two babies before the sun rose dropping them off at daycare/ grandma’s before clocking in. I was able to work for a year and a half as a contractor before getting pregnant with our Little Miss Mint. Luckily, I was able to finish my task at that job before giving birth. Now having three babies it was an obvious choice that this mama was going to be a stay at home mom. To throw the cherry on top we just welcomed our final baby this last summer, Little Silver.
I self-diagnosed myself early on in life with FOMO. Whether it be social, financial, emotional, I have experienced it. To say I am busy is an understatement. This mama now runs everyone’s schedule / they run me; and because of my FOMO our schedule is packed! Every day I experience FOMO on levels that are unhealthy; more so now that I am a mom. My symptoms now stem from the possibility of my kids having a missed opportunity. There is no question that with FOMO comes guilt. I KNOW that this diagnosis is RIDICULOUS and to poke fun at my ridiculousness I wanted to create an environment where mother’s like me can go, be humbled, be reminded to not take life so seriously, and to be unapologetically themselves. Let’s share a laugh; cry-laughing is my favorite! Let’s come together as moms and share relatable stories and always straighten each other’s WELL-DESERVED crowns.